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Stack requirements

SnapDrive for UNIX requires a host operating system, host file systems, NFS, volume managers, FC or iSCSI Host Utilities, storage system licenses, Data ONTAP software, MultiStore software, and Internet Protocol access.

Host-side entities

The following is a list of host-side entities:

SnapDrive for UNIX stack

You must enter acceptable values for multipathing-type, fstype, default-transport, and vmtype variables in the snapdrive.conf file as provided in the matrix stack. You must ensure that the values entered are installed and running in your host system.

Host platform Default transport type Multipathing type fstype vmtype
AIX FCP none jfs2 lvm
FCP none jfs lvm
FCP nativempio jfs2 lvm
FCP nativempio jfs lvm
FCP DMP vxfs vxvm
iSCSI none jfs2 lvm
iSCSI none jfs lvm
iSCSI nativempio jfs2 lvm
iSCSI nativempio jfs lvm

NetApp modifies host utilities and components on an ongoing basis. You can track this changes by using the Interoperability Matrix that contains up-to-date information for using NetApp products in a SAN environment.

The storage system license and the MultiStore license constitute the storage system entities.

Storage system licensing requirements