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Changing the defaults for the audit logs

You can use snapdrive.conf file to change the logging parameters of the audit log files such as maximum size of audit log file, and maximum number of old audit files.

The snapdrive.conf file enables you to set the following values for audit logging:

Example of an audit log file:

2501: Begin uid=0 gid=1 15:35:02 03/12/04 snapdrv snap create -dg
rdg -snapname snap_rdg1
2501: Status=0 15:35:07 03/12/04
2562: Begin uid=0 gid=1 15:35:16 03/12/04 snapdrv snap create -dg
rdg -snapname snap_rdg1
2562: FAILED Status=4 15:35:19 03/12/04

The first pair of lines in this example shows an operation that succeeded, as indicated by the "Status=0" line.

The second pair of lines indicates an operation that failed. The return code of "4" means “already exists.” If you look at the two command lines, you can see that the first created a Snapshot copy called snap_rdg1. The second line attempted to do the same, but the name already existed, so the operation failed.