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Adding clusters

You can add a cluster to Performance Manager to monitor the cluster and obtain information about its status and configuration.

Before you begin

About this task

You cannot add the same cluster to more than one instance of Performance Manager. When you attempt to add a cluster that a Performance Manager instance is already monitoring, a warning message is displayed in the GUI. Each cluster in a MetroCluster configuration must be added separately.

A single instance of Performance Manager supports a specific number of clusters and volumes. If Performance Manager is monitoring an environment that exceeds the supported configuration, you might have difficulty collecting and analyzing configuration and performance data from the cluster. See the OnCommand Performance Manager Release Notes for the number of clusters, nodes, and volumes that Performance Manager can reliably support.


  1. Click Administration > Manage Data Sources .
  2. On the Manage Data Sources page, click Add.
  3. In the Add Cluster dialog box, specify the values as required and then click Save and Close.


The cluster is added to the Performance Manager database after the default monitoring interval of approximately 15 minutes. If you destroy a Performance Manager virtual machine (VM) and then install a new instance using the same IP address assigned to the previous VM, adding the clusters from the previous VM to the new VM displays an error message that the clusters are already monitored. You can ignore this error message.
Note: If the UUID of a monitored cluster changes, due to a cluster rebuild, for example, Performance Manager does not associate the new UUID with the cluster and the cluster is no longer monitored. To associate the cluster to the new UUID, you must remove the cluster from Performance Manager and then re-add it.