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Planning your installation

Performance Manager is distributed as a self-contained, fully formed virtual appliance (VA) available in an Open Virtualization Appliance (OVA) file. You use a VMware vSphere Client to deploy the OVA file to a VMware ESXi Server that meets the minimum requirements. After it is deployed, the VA converts to a virtual machine (VM).

You need to identify the user name and password for the person who will configure the administrative account after installation. You also need to select a supported browser to run the installed software.

The initial configuration process requires you to identify the geographic area and time zone for the VM. Then you create the maintenance user's login name and password. At the end of the initial configuration, if you are using DHCP, you receive the IP address of the newly created VM.

To open the Performance Manager GUI, you copy that IP address into a supported browser and log in with the maintenance user account. See the browser requirements for the list of supported browsers.