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Upgrading to Performance Manager 1.1

To upgrade from Performance Manager 1.0 to Performance Manager 1.1, you must first download the OnCommandPerformanceManager-1.1.0-virtual-update.iso file from the NetApp Support Site.

Before you begin

About this task

Upgrading Performance Manager can take a few hours because it involves updating all historical performance data. If you upgrade a Performance Manager instance that is older than the 1.0 GA release, all historical data will be discarded.


  1. In the vSphere Client, select the Performance Manager 1.0 VM.
  2. Create a backup copy, such as a snapshot or clone, of the Performance Manager VM in case there are issues during the upgrade and you need to revert.
  3. Click the CD/DVD Drive icon, and then select Connect to ISO image on local disk.
  4. Select the OnCommandPerformanceManager-1.1.0-virtual-update.iso file, wait a couple seconds to make sure that the .iso file has loaded, and then click Open.
  5. Click the Console tab.
  6. Log in to the maintenance console.
  7. In the Main Menu, select Upgrade.
    A message informs you that Performance Manager will be unavailable during the upgrade process and will resume after completion.
  8. Type y to continue.
    A warning appears that reminds you to back up the VM.
  9. Type y to continue if you have made a backup of the VM.
    The installer checks to make sure that there is enough disk space to perform the upgrade.
  10. Depending on whether there is enough disk space, follow the appropriate step:
    If the space is... Then...
    Sufficient Review the disclaimer message, and then type Accept to continue the upgrade, or type Cancel to terminate the upgrade.
    Not sufficient Contact technical support.
    You are automatically logged out of the maintenance console.
  11. After the upgrade is complete, log in to the maintenance console and verify the version number.


You can log in to the GUI to use the upgraded version of Performance Manager. You can monitor the status of the data update process in the Performance Manager GUI. Performance incidents are not detected until the data update process has been completed successfully.

After the upgrade, you must wait for the discovery process to finish before performing any task in the UI.