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Add Cluster dialog box

You can add an existing cluster to monitor the cluster and obtain information about its health, capacity, and configuration.

You can add a cluster by specifying the following options:

Host Name or IP Address
Enables you to specify the host name (preferred) or the IP address of the cluster-management LIF that is used to connect to the cluster. By specifying the host name you will be able to match the name of the cluster across the GUI, rather than trying to correlate an IP address on one page to a host name on another page, for example.
User Name
Enables you to specify a user name that can be used to log in to the cluster.
Enables you to specify a password for the specified user name.
Enables you to specify the type of protocol that can be configured on the cluster. You can enable HTTP or HTTPS (for a secure connection). Connection is established with the cluster by using both protocols and HTTPS is chosen over HTTP. By default, HTTPS is enabled with the default port 443.
Enables you to specify the port number of the cluster. If the port is not specified, the default port for the selected protocol is used (80 for HTTP or 443 for HTTPS).