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Editing network settings

You might want to edit network settings if, for example, an IP address of a virtual machine (VM) changes, or if you switch from a DHCP to a static IP configuration.

Before you begin


  1. Click Administration > Configure Network Settings .
  2. In the Configure Network Settings dialog box, modify the host and network settings, as required.
    Tip: You can enter multiple comma-separated values in the Secondary DNS Address and Search Domains fields.
  3. Click Save and Close.


After you have modified the settings of your network configuration, you can use the updated configuration to access Performance Manager.

After you finish

The self-signed SSL certificate generated during deployment is associated with the host name (or FQDN) and the IP address. If you change either of these values and want to use that new host name or IP address to connect to Performance Manager, then you must generate a new certificate and restart the Performance Manager virtual machine. The new certificate does not take effect until the Performance Manager virtual machine is restarted.