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Virtual infrastructure requirements

Your virtual infrastructure must meet minimum requirements before you can begin deployment.

Memory page swapping negatively impacts performance of the virtual appliance and the management application. Competing for CPU resources that are unavailable due to overall host utilization can degrade performance. Reserving the listed values for memory and CPU resources for the virtual appliance guarantees that the required minimum amount is always available to the virtual machine, and is required for running this virtual appliance.

The following table displays the minimum values required for memory and CPU resources in the default configuration. These values have been qualified for the virtual appliance to meet minimum acceptable performance levels.
Default hardware configuration Minimum Requirement
Disk space needed for thin provisioning 5 GB
Disk space needed for thick provisioning
Note: If you are deploying an NFS datastore on a clustered Data ONTAP storage system, you cannot use the thick provisioning option unless the NetApp NFS Plug-in for VMware VAAI is installed.
300 GB
Memory needed for the Performance Manager virtual appliance 12 GB and Reservation 12 GB
Processors needed for the Performance Manager virtual appliance 4 virtual CPUs
Process cycles (CPU speed) needed for the Performance Manager virtual appliance 9572 MHz and Reservation 9572 MHz

VMware high availability for the Performance Manager virtual appliance is supported.

If deployment fails using your high availability-enabled environment due to insufficient resources, you must modify the following default VMware vSphere settings:

Note: Lowering VM reservations for CPU and memory is possible, but not below the minimum values listed in the table.