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Sending an on-demand AutoSupport message

You can choose to have Performance Manager send an on-demand message to technical support for assistance with troubleshooting issues. The AutoSupport message sent by Performance Manager contains diagnostic system information and detailed data about the Performance Manager server.

Before you begin

You must have the OnCommand Administrator role or the Storage Administrator role.

You have defined the SMTP Server and Email settings in the Email dialog box. The system sends AutoSupport messages using this information.


  1. Click Administration > Configure Settings.
  2. In the Configure Settings dialog box, click Management Server > AutoSupport.
  3. To read about what periodic AutoSupport entails, click View AutoSupport Description.
    The dialog box also displays the product System ID, which is a unique ID for your Performance Manager instance that technical support uses to find your AutoSupport messages.
  4. Click Generate and Send AutoSupport.


An AutoSupport message is sent to technical support.
Note: AutoSupport messages are very large. It is possible that the email server will not send the message if it is larger than the allowable size. You may need to select a different SMTP host server if this problem occurs.