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Configuring email settings

You can configure SMTP settings for the Performance Manager server to send email notifications when an event is generated. You can specify the corresponding mail server to be used.

Before you begin

The following information must be available:

You must have the OnCommand Administrator role or the Storage Administrator role.


  1. Click Administration > Configure Settings.
  2. In the Configure Settings dialog box, click Management Server > Email.
  3. In the Email dialog box, configure the appropriate settings.
    The email address appears in the "From" field in sent alert notifications. If the email cannot be delivered for any reason, this email address is also used as the recipient for undeliverable mail.
    If the host name of the SMTP server cannot be resolved, you can specify the IP address of the SMTP server instead.
    The user name and password are only required if SMTP authorization is enabled.
  4. Click Test to confirm whether recipients receive email alerts using the SMTP settings.