Data ONTAP 8.3 Reference

Cluster Commands

The cluster commands enable you to create and manage Data ONTAP 8 clusters.

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contact-info > - Manage contact information for the cluster.
date > - Manage cluster's date and time setting
ha > - Manage high-availability configuration
identity > - Manage the cluster's attributes, including name and serial number
image > - Manage cluster images for automated nondisruptive update
kernel-service > - Display and manage the cluster kernel services
peer > - Manage cluster peer relationships
quorum-service > - Manage the quorum options of the cluster
ring > - Display information about cluster replication rings
statistics > - Display cluster statistics
time-service > - Manage cluster time services

create - Create a cluster
join - Join an existing cluster using the specified member's IP address or by cluster name
modify - Modify cluster node membership attributes
ping-cluster - Ping remote cluster interfaces and perform RPC server check
setup - Setup wizard
show - Display cluster node members
unjoin - Unjoin or remove a node from the cluster

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