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SnapMirror Commands

The snapmirror commands enable you to create and manage data protection mirrors, extended data protection relationships, and load-sharing mirrors.

These commands are available to the cluster and Vserver administrators.

Note that there are "Pre 8.2" relationships: (1) load-sharing relationships; (2) data protection relationships with the source volume on a storage system running clustered Data ONTAP 8.1; (3) data protection relationships that existed before the source and destination storage systems were upgraded from clustered Data ONTAP 8.1 to clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 and later and have not yet been converted to ones with Data ONTAP 8.2 capabilities. These relationships have the same limitations as on Data ONTAP 8.1. In particular, only snapmirror commands present on Data ONTAP 8.1 can be used for these relationships. The "Relationship Capability" field, as shown in the output of the snapmirror show command, is set to "Pre 8.2" for these relationships. "Pre 8.2" data protection relationships can only be created and managed by the cluster administrator; load-sharing relationships which are all "Pre 8.2" can be created and managed by either a cluster or Vserver administrator.

Data protection relationships that existed before the source and destination storage systems were upgraded from Data ONTAP 8.1 will be auto-converted to "8.2 and above" with full capabilities when a Vserver peering relationship is set up between the source and destination Vservers. Relationships which have both the source and destination in the same Vserver and therefore require no Vserver peering relationship will be converted on the first boot when all nodes in the storage system are running Data ONTAP 8.2 or later. Note that since there is no "8.2 and above" implementation of load-sharing relationships, there is no conversion of load-sharing relationships to "8.2 and above".

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policy > - Manage SnapMirror policies
snapshot-owner > - Manage Snapshot Copy Preservation

abort - Abort an active transfer
break - Make SnapMirror destination writable
create - Create a new SnapMirror relationship
delete - Delete a SnapMirror relationship
initialize-ls-set - Start a baseline load-sharing set transfer
initialize - Start a baseline transfer
list-destinations - Display a list of destinations for SnapMirror sources
modify - Modify a SnapMirror relationship
promote - Promote the destination to read-write
quiesce - Disable future transfers
release - Remove source information for a SnapMirror relationship
restore - Restore a Snapshot copy from a source volume to a destination volume
resume - Enable future transfers
resync - Start a resynchronize operation
set-options - Display/Set SnapMirror options
show-history - Displays history of SnapMirror operations.
show - Display a list of SnapMirror relationships
update-ls-set - Start an incremental load-sharing set transfer
update - Start an incremental transfer

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