Data ONTAP 8.3 Reference

Manage physical disks

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error > - The error directory
firmware > - The firmware directory
option > - Manage disk options

assign - Assign ownership of a disk to a system
fail - Fail the file system disk
modify - (DEPRECATED)-Modify disk attributes
reassign - Change the default owner of all disks from one node to another
refresh-ownership - Refresh the disk ownership information on a node
remove-reservation - Removes reservation from an array LUN marked as foreign.
remove - Remove a spare disk
removeowner - Remove disk ownership
replace - Initiate or stop replacing a file-system disk
set-led - Turn on a disk's red LED for a number of minutes
show - Display a list of disk drives and array LUNs
unfail - Unfail a broken disk
updatefirmware - (DEPRECATED) - Update disk firmware
zerospares - Zero non-zeroed spare disks

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