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system node hardware unified-connect modify

Modify the Fibre Channel and converged networking adapter configuration

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


Changes the adapter configuration. Any changes to the adapter mode or type will require a reboot for the changes to take effect. The adapter must also be offline before you can make any changes.

The adapter argument is in the form Xy where X is an integer and y is a letter. An example is 4a.

For a target adapter, use the network fcp adapter modify command to bring the adapter offline.

For an initiator adapter, use the run local storage disable adapter command to bring the adapter offline

The mode option refers to the mode of the adapter and can be either fc or cna

The type option refers to the FC-4 type of the adapter and can be initiator or target.

The force option suppresses confirmation prompts.


-node {<nodename>|local} - Node

Specifies the node of the adapter.

-adapter <text> - Adapter

Specifies the adapter.

[-mode | -m {fc|cna}] - Configured Mode

Specifies the mode.

[-type | -t {initiator|target}] - Configured Type

Specifies the FC-4 type.

[-force | -f [true]] - Force

Suppresses warnings and confirmation prompts.


 cluster1::> system node hardware unified-connect modify -node node1 -adapter 0d -mode cna

Configures the mode of adapter 0d on node1 to CNA.

HA Considerations

During a maintenance head swap procedure in a CFO, if the adapter mode and type do not match what was originally set, Data ONTAP will attempt to automatically restore the mode and type settings before allowing the giveback to occur. In the event that the adapters are not automatically reconfigured and to avoid any service disruptions, you can boot the new head into Maintenance Mode prior to doing the first giveback and use the ucadmin command to restore the adapter configuration.

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