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What dump events are

The event field for a dump event contains an event type followed by event-specific information within parentheses.

The following table describes the events, their descriptions, and the related event information that might be recorded for a dump operation:

Event Description Event information
Start NDMP dump is started Dump level and the type of dump
End Dumps completed successfully Amount of data processed
Abort The operation is cancelled Amount of data processed
Options Specified options are listed All options and their associated values, including NDMP options
Tape_open The tape is open for read/write The new tape device name
Tape_close The tape is closed for read/write The tape device name
Phase-change A dump is entering a new processing phase The new phase name
Error A dump has encountered an unexpected event Error message
Snapshot A Snapshot copy is created or located The name and time of the Snapshot copy
Base_dump A base dump entry in the internal metafile has been located The level and time of the base dump (for incremental dumps only)