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Considerations when configuring multipath tape access

You can configure multiple paths from the storage system to access tape drives in a tape library. If one path fails, then the storage system can use the other paths to access tape drives without having to immediately repair the failed path. This ensures that tape operations can be restarted.

You must consider the following when configuring multipath tape access from your storage system:

In the following example, the storage system accesses LUN group 0 through two initiator paths: 0b and 0d. In both these paths, the LUN group has the same LUN number, 0, and LUN count, 5. The storage system accesses LUN group 1 through only one initiator path, 3d.

STSW-3070-2_cluster::> storage tape library config show

Node                    LUN Group   LUN Count  Library Name  Library Target Port  Initiator
----------------------- ----------- ---------- ------------- -------------------- -----   
STSW-3070-2_cluster-01        0      5         IBM 3573-TL_1  510a09800000412d     0b
                              1      2         IBM 3573-TL_2  50050763124b4d6f     3d

3 entries were displayed

For more information, see the man pages.