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Setting an export rule's index number

You can use the vserver export-policy rule setindex command to manually set an existing export rule's index number. This enables you to rearrange the order in which Data ONTAP processes export rules.

About this task

If the new index number is already in use, the command inserts the rule at the specified spot and reorders the list accordingly.


  1. To modify the index number of a specified export rule, enter the following command: vserver export-policy rule setindex -vserver virtual_server_name -policyname policy_name -ruleindex integer -newruleindex integer

    -vserver virtual_server_name specifies the Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) name.

    -policyname policy_name specifies the policy name.

    -ruleindex integer specifies the current index number of the export rule. If the specified index number is already in use by an existing export policy rule, the index numbers of that and all successive export policy rules are incremented by one.

    -newruleindex integer specifies the new index number of the export rule.


The following command changes the index number of an export rule at index number 3 to index number 2 in an export policy named rs1 on the SVM named vs1.

vs1::> vserver export-policy rule setindex -vserver vs1
-policyname rs1 -ruleindex 3 -newruleindex 2