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Migrating data between volumes by using SnapMirror

SnapMirror can migrate data between volumes and redirect NFS clients to the new volume without rebooting the system or remounting to volume on NFS clients.

Before you begin

If you are migrating data within the same storage system and the source volume contains LUN(s), then you must have unmapped the source LUN(s) by using the lun unmap command.

About this task

The migration must be run on two volumes which are currently the source volume and destination volume in a SnapMirror relationship. When you start the migration process, SnapMirror does the following:
SnapMirror does not transfer IP addresses, license keys, or quota information. You must remount on the NFS clients unless one of the following is true:
  • The IP address of the source system is transferred to the destination system independently after the migration.
  • The source and destination volumes reside on the same system, in which case, the IP address to access either volume is the same.

SnapMirror does not migrate CIFS clients. You must reestablish CIFS client sessions after migrating data to the destination volume.


  1. Enter the following command:snapmirror migrate [src_system:]src_vol [dst_system:]dst_vol
    src_system is the source system.

    src_vol is the source volume.

    dst_system is the destination system.

    dst_vol is the destination volume.