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Preparing for the installation

When you are preparing to install the FC-to-SAS bridges as part of your new MetroCluster system, you must ensure that your system meets certain requirements, including meeting setup and configuration requirements for the bridges. Other requirements include downloading the necessary documents, the ATTO QuickNAV utility, and the bridge firmware.

Before you begin


  1. Download the following documents:
  2. Download content from the ATTO website and from the NetApp website:
    1. From NetApp Support, navigate to the ATTO FibreBridge Description page by clicking Software, scrolling to Protocol Bridge, choosing ATTO FibreBridge from the drop-down menu, clicking Go!, and then clicking View & Download.
    2. Access the ATTO web site using the link provided and download the following:
      • ATTO FibreBridge 6500N Installation and Operation Manual
      • ATTO QuickNAV utility (to the computer you are using for setup)
    3. Go to the ATTO FibreBridge 6500N Firmware Download page and do the following:
      • Navigate to the ATTO FibreBridge 6500N Firmware Download page by clicking Continue at the end of the ATTO FibreBridge Description page.
      • Download the bridge firmware file using Steps 1 through 3 of that procedure.

        You update the firmware on each bridge later in this procedure.

      • Make a copy of the ATTO FibreBridge 6500N Firmware Download page and release notes for reference when you are instructed to update the firmware on each bridge.
  3. Gather the hardware and information needed to use the recommended bridge management interfaces, the ATTO ExpressNAV GUI, and the ATTO QuickNAV utility:
    1. Acquire a standard Ethernet cable (which connects from the bridge Ethernet management 1 port to your network).
    2. Determine a non-default user name and password (for accessing the bridges).
      You should change the default user name and password.
    3. Obtain an IP address, subnet mask, and gateway information for the Ethernet management 1 port on each bridge.
    4. Disable VPN clients on the computer you are using for setup.
      Active VPN clients cause the QuickNAV scan for bridges to fail.