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Configuring the MetroCluster FC switches for health monitoring

You must perform some special configuration steps to monitor the FC switches in the MetroCluster configuration.


  1. Issue the following command on each MetroCluster node: storage switch add -switch-ipaddress ipaddress
    This command must be repeated on all four switches in the MetroCluster configuration.
    The following example shows the command to add a switch with IP
    controller_A_1::> storage switch add -switch-ipaddress
  2. Verify that all switches are properly configured:storage switch show
    It may take up to 15 minutes to reflect all data due to the 15-minute polling interval.
    The following example shows the command given to verify the MetroCluster's FC switches are configured:
    controller_A_1::> storage switch show
    Fabric           Switch Name     Vendor  Model        Switch WWN       Status
    ---------------- --------------- ------- ------------ ---------------- ------
    1000000533a9e7a6 brcd6505-fcs40  Brocade Brocade6505  1000000533a9e7a6 OK
    1000000533a9e7a6 brcd6505-fcs42  Brocade Brocade6505  1000000533d3660a OK
    1000000533ed94d1 brcd6510-fcs44  Brocade Brocade6510  1000000533eda031 OK
    1000000533ed94d1 brcd6510-fcs45  Brocade Brocade6510  1000000533ed94d1 OK
    4 entries were displayed.
    If the switch's worldwide name (WWN) is shown, the Data ONTAP health monitor is able to contact and monitor the FC switch.