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Implementation overview for a MetroCluster configuration with array LUNs

Implementing a MetroCluster configuration to use LUNs from storage arrays requires planning the implementation, installing hardware, connecting multiple devices, configuring Data ONTAP, and testing the MetroCluster configuration to ensure that it is operating correctly.

The following tasks must be completed to set up a MetroCluster configuration to work with storage arrays. Storage array configuration is performed by the storage array administrator or the storage array vendor. Zoning is often performed by a switch administrator.

  1. Setting up the storage array to present array LUNs to Data ONTAP and configuring the parameters required for a storage array to work with Data ONTAP.
  2. Installing the FC-VI adapter on each Data ONTAP system, if it is not installed already.
  3. Connecting the Data ONTAP systems at both the sites to the fabric.
  4. Connecting the ISLs between the switches.
  5. Connecting the storage array to the fabric.
  6. Connecting the Data ONTAP systems to the cluster interconnect switches.
  7. Configuring zoning.
  8. Setting the HA state of the controller and chassis components in all the Data ONTAP systems to mcc.

    Verifying the HA state of components is mcc in Maintenance mode

  9. Assigning array LUNs to specific Data ONTAP systems.
  10. Installing clustered Data ONTAP.
  11. Setting up the Data ONTAP systems for the MetroCluster configuration.
  12. Configuring various Data ONTAP features.

    NetApp Documentation: Data ONTAP 8 (current releases)