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Enabling ISL encryption in a Brocade switch

After setting the authentication policy and secret, you must enable ISL encryption on the Brocade 6510 switches.

About this task


  1. Disable the switch: switchdisable
  2. Enable encryption on all the ISL ports: portCfgEncrypt --enable port_number
    In the following example, the encryption is enabled on ports 8 and 12:portCfgEncrypt --enable 8portCfgEncrypt --enable 12
  3. Enable the switch: switchenable
  4. Verify that the ISL is up and working:islshow
  5. Verify that the encryption is enabled:portenccompshow
    The following example shows the encryption is enabled on ports 8 and 12:
    User Encryption        
    Port  configured     Active
    ----   ----------    ------
     8      yes          yes
     9      No           No
     10     No           No
     11     No           No
     12     yes          yes         

After you finish

Perform all the steps on the switches in the other fabric in a MetroCluster configuration.