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Configuring the basic switch settings

You must configure basic global settings, including the domain ID, for the switches.

About this task

This task contains steps that must be performed on each switch at both MetroCluster sites.
In this procedure, you set the unique domain ID for each switch as shown in the following examples:
  • FC_switch_A_1 is assigned to domain ID 5
  • FC_switch_A_2 is assigned to domain ID 6
  • FC_switch_B_1 is assigned to domain ID 7
  • FC_switch_B_2 is assigned to domain ID 8

Using that example, domain IDs 5 and 7 form fabric_1 and domain IDs 6 and 8 form fabric_2.


  1. Issue the following command to enter configuration mode: configure
  2. As you proceed through the prompts, set the domain ID for the switch, press ENTER in response to the prompts until you get to RSCN Transmission Mode, set that value to y, and press ENTER until you return to the switch prompt.
    FC_switch_A_1:admin> configure
    Fabric parameters = y
    Domain_id = 5
    RSCN Transmission Mode (yes, y, no, n): [no] y
  3. If you are using two or more ISLs per fabric, configure in-order-delivery of frames:
    These steps must be performed on each switch fabric.
    1. Enable in-order-delivery: iodset
    2. Set the Advanced Performance Tuning (APT) policy to 1: aptpolicy 1
    3. Disable Dynamic Load Sharing (DLS): dlsreset
    4. Verify the IOD settings using the iodshow, aptpolicy and dlsshow commands.
      For example, issue the following commands on FC_switch_A_1:
      FC_switch_A_1:admin> iodshow
          IOD is set
          FC_switch_A_1:admin> aptpolicy
          Current Policy: 1 0(ap)
          3 0(ap) : Default Policy
          1: Port Based Routing Policy
          3: Exchange Based Routing Policy
               0: AP Shared Link Policy 
               1: AP Dedicated Link Policy 
          command aptpolicy completed
          FC_switch_A_1:admin> dlsshow
          DLS is not set
    5. Repeat these steps on the second switch fabric.
  4. Reboot the switch:reboot
    On FC_switch_A_1:
    FC_switch_A_1:admin> reboot
    On FC_switch_B_1:
    FC_switch_B_1:admin> reboot
  5. Persistently enable the switch: switchcfgpersistentenable
    On FC_switch_A_1:
    FC_switch_A_1:admin> switchcfgpersistentenable
    On FC_switch_B_1:
    FC_switch_B_1:admin> switchcfgpersistentenable