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Hardware setup checklist

You need to know which hardware setup steps were completed at the factory and those you need to complete at each MetroCluster site.

Step Completed at factory Completed by you
Mount components in one or more cabinets. Yes No
Position cabinets in the desired location. No Yes

Position them in the original order to ensure that the supplied cables are long enough.

Connect multiple cabinets to each other, if applicable. No Yes

Use the cabinet interconnect kit if it is included in the order. The kit box is labeled.

Secure the cabinets to the floor, if applicable. No Yes

Use the universal bolt-down kit if it is included in the order. The kit box is labeled.

Cable the components within the cabinet. Yes

Cables 5 meters and longer are removed for shipping and placed in the accessories box.

Connect the cables between cabinets, if applicable. No Yes

Cables are in the accessories box.

Connect management cables to the customer's network. No Yes

Connect them directly or through the CN1601 management switches, if present.

Attention: To avoid address conflicts, do not connect management ports to the customer's network until after you change the default IP addresses to the customer's values.
Connect console ports to the customer's terminal server, if applicable. No Yes
Connect the customer's data cables to the cluster. No Yes
Connect the long-distance ISLs between the MetroCluster sites. No Yes

Connecting the ISLs between the MetroCluster sites

Connect the cabinets to power and power on the components. No Yes

Power them on in the following order:

  1. PDUs
  2. Disk shelves and FC-to-SAS bridges
  3. FC switches
  4. Nodes
Assign IP addresses to the management ports of the cluster switches and to the management ports of the management switches if present. No Yes, for switched clusters only

Connect to the serial console port of each switch and log in with user name "admin" with no password.

Suggested addresses are,,, and

Verify cabling by running the Config Advisor tool. No Yes

Verifying the MetroCluster configuration