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Creating a mirrored data aggregate on each node

You must create a mirrored data aggregate on each node in the DR group.

Before you begin

About this task


  1. Display a list of available spares: storage disk show -spare -owner node_name
  2. Create the aggregate by using the storage aggregate create -mirror true command.
    If you are logged in to the cluster on the cluster management interface, you can create an aggregate on any node in the cluster. To ensure that the aggregate is created on a specific node, use the -node parameter or specify drives that are owned by that node.

    You can specify the following options:

    • Aggregate's home node (that is, the node that owns the aggregate in normal operation)
    • List of specific drives or array LUNs that are to be added to the aggregate
    • Number of drives to include
    • Checksum style to use for the aggregate
    • Type of drives to use
    • Size of drives to use
    • Drive speed to use
    • RAID type for RAID groups on the aggregate
    • Maximum number of drives or array LUNs that can be included in a RAID group
    • Whether drives with different RPM are allowed

    For more information about these options, see the storage aggregate create man page.

    The following command creates a mirrored aggregate with 10 disks:
    controller_A_1::> storage aggregate create aggr1_controller_A_1 -diskcount 10 -node controller_A_1 -mirror true
    [Job 15] Job is queued: Create aggr1_controller_A_1. 
    [Job 15] The job is starting. 
    [Job 15] Job succeeded: DONE
  3. Verify the RAID group and drives of your new aggregate: storage aggregate show-status -aggregate aggregate-name