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Software setup checklist

You need to know which software setup steps were completed at the factory and those you need to complete at each MetroCluster site.

Step Completed at factory Completed by you
Install the clustered Data ONTAP software. Yes No
Create the cluster on the first node at the first MetroCluster site. This includes the following:
  • Name the cluster.
  • Set the admin password.
  • Set up the private cluster interconnect.
  • Install all purchased license keys.
  • Create the cluster management interface.
  • Create the node management interface.
  • Configure the FC switches
Yes No
Join the remaining nodes to the cluster. Yes No
Enable storage failover on one node of each HA pair and configure cluster high availability. Yes No
Enable the switchless-cluster option on a two-node switchless cluster. Yes No
Create a test SVM on node cluster-01. Yes

The SVM is configured for NFS and the volume demo is exported.

Repeat the steps to configure the second MetroCluster site. Yes No
Configure the clusters for peering. Yes No
Enable the MetroCluster configuration. Yes No
Configure user credentials and management IP addresses on the management and cluster switches. Yes, if ordered.

User IDs are "admin" with no password.

Thoroughly test the MetroCluster configuration. Yes No, although you must perform verification steps at your site as described below.
Complete the cluster setup worksheet. No Yes

Information gathering worksheet for FC switches

Connect to the cluster management port of node cluster1-01 using SSH and log in. No Yes
  1. Set your laptop to an unused address in the 10.10.10.x subnet (for example, with netmask
  2. If the optional management switches are installed, connect your laptop to an open port on one of the management switches.
  3. If there are no management switches, connect directly to the following port of node 1 for your controller: e0a for 32xx and 62xx controllers; e0e for FAS8020 controllers; e0i for FAS8040, FAS8060, and FAS8080 controllers.
  4. Log in to the cluster as "admin" with password "netapp!123".

    The cluster management IP address is with netmask

Change the password for the admin account to the customer's value. No Yes
Configure each node with the customer's values. No Yes
Discover the clusters in OnCommand System Manager. No Yes

Using the OnCommand management tools for further configuration and monitoring

Configure an NTP server for each cluster. No Yes
Verify the cluster peering. No Yes
Verify the health of the cluster and that the cluster is in quorum. No Yes
Verify basic operation of the MetroCluster sites. No Recommended, if the customer allows you to access the network.
Check the MetroCluster configuration. No Yes

Checking the MetroCluster configuration

Test storage failover. No Yes

Verifying local HA operation

Add the MetroCluster switches and bridges for health monitoring. No Yes

Configuring MetroCluster components for health monitoring

Test switchover, healing and switchback. No Yes

Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 MetroCluster Management and Disaster Recovery Guide

Set the destination for configuration backup files. No Yes

Protecting configuration backup files

Optional: Change the cluster name if desired, for example, to better distinguish the clusters. No Yes

Use the Data ONTAP CLI cluster identity modify command.

Optional: Change the node name, if desired. No Yes

Use the Data ONTAP CLI system node rename command to rename the node.

Configure AutoSupport. No Yes