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Verifying disk assignment in Maintenance mode

Before fully booting the system to Data ONTAP, you can optionally boot to Maintenance mode and verify the disk assignment on the nodes. The disks should be assigned to create a fully symmetric active-active configuration, where each node and each pool have an equal number of disks assigned to them.

About this task

New MetroCluster systems have disk assignment completed prior to shipment.

The following table shows example pool assignments for a MetroCluster configuration. Disks are assigned to pools on a per-shelf basis.

Disk shelf (example name)... At site... Belongs to... And is assigned to that node's...
Disk shelf 1 (shelf_A_1_1) Site A Node A 1 Pool 0
Disk shelf 2 (shelf_A_1_3)
Disk shelf 3 (shelf_B_1_1) Node B 1 Pool 1
Disk shelf 4 (shelf_B_1_3)
Disk shelf 5 (shelf_A_2_1) Node A 2 Pool 0
Disk shelf 6 (shelf_A_2_3)
Disk shelf 7 (shelf_B_2_1) Node B 2 Pool 1
Disk shelf 8 (shelf_B_2_3)
Disk shelf 9 (shelf_B_1_2) Site B Node B 1 Pool 0
Disk shelf 10 (shelf_B_1_4)
Disk shelf 11 (shelf_A_1_2) Node A 1 Pool 1
Disk shelf 12 (shelf_A_1_4)
Disk shelf 13 (shelf_B_2_2) Node B 2 Pool 0
Disk shelf 14 (shelf_B_2_4)
Disk shelf 15 (shelf_A_2_2) Node A 2 Pool 1
Disk shelf 16 (shelf_A_2_4)


  1. Issue the following command to confirm the shelf assignments: disk show –v
  2. If necessary, you can explicitly assign disks on the attached disk shelves to the appropriate pool with the disk assign command. Using wildcards in the command enables you to assign all the disks on a disk shelf with one command.
  3. Issue the following command to show the disk shelf IDs and bays for each disk: storage show disk –x