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Differences between 7-Mode and clustered Data ONTAP MetroCluster configurations

There are key differences between clustered Data ONTAP MetroCluster configurations and configurations with Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode.

In clustered Data ONTAP, the MetroCluster configuration includes two HA pairs, each in a separate cluster at physically separated sites.

Feature or component Clustered Data ONTAP MetroCluster configuration Data ONTAP 7-Mode MetroCluster configuration
Number of storage controllers Four

The controllers are configured as two HA pairs, one HA pair at each site.


The two controllers are configured as a HA pair with one controller at each site.

Local failover available? Yes

A failover can occur at either site without triggering an overall switchover of the configuration.


In the event of a problem at the local site, the system fails over to the partner site.

Single command for failover or switchover? Yes

The command for local failover is:

cf takeover

The command for switchover is:

metrocluster switchover or metrocluster switchover -forced-on-disaster true


cf takeover or cf forcetakeover -d

DS14 disk shelves supported? No Yes
Two FC switch fabrics? Yes Yes