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MetroCluster documentation

There are a number of documents that can help you configure, operate, and monitor a MetroCluster configuration.

MetroCluster and Data ONTAP libraries

MetroCluster and miscellaneous guides

Guide Content
Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 MetroCluster Installation Express Guide How to install a MetroCluster system that has been received from the factory. You should use this guide only if the following is true:
  • The MetroCluster configuration has been received from the factory.
  • The configuration is using Brocade FC storage switches.

    This guide does not document configuration of the Cisco FC storage switches.

  • The configuration is not using array LUNs (FlexArray Virtualization).
  • The configuration is not sharing existing FC fabrics with a 7-Mode fabric MetroCluster during transition.
Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 MetroCluster Management and Disaster Recovery Guide
  • Understanding the MetroCluster configuration
  • Switchover, healing and switchback
  • Disaster recovery
MetroCluster Service Guide
  • Guidelines for maintenance in a MetroCluster configuration
  • Hardware replacement and firmware upgrade procedures for FC-to-SAS bridges and FC switches
  • Hot-adding a disk shelf
  • Hot-removing a disk shelf
  • Replacing hardware at a disaster site
MetroCluster Tiebreaker Software Installation and Configuration Guide
  • Monitoring the MetroCluster configuration with the MetroCluster Tiebreaker software
Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 Data Protection Guide
  • How mirrored aggregates work
  • SyncMirror
  • SnapMirror
  • SnapVault
NetApp Documentation: OnCommand Unified Manager Core Package (current releases)
  • Monitoring the MetroCluster configuration
NetApp Documentation: OnCommand Performance Manager for Clustered Data ONTAP
  • Monitoring MetroCluster performance
7-Mode Transition Tool 2.0 Data and Configuration Transition Guide
  • Transitioning data from 7-Mode storage systems to clustered storage systems