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Configuring the F-ports on a Cisco FC switch

You must configure the F-ports on the FC switch. In a MetroCluster configuration, the F-ports are the ports that connect the switch to the HBA initiators, FC-VI interconnects and FC-to-SAS bridges. Each port must be configured individually.

About this task

The following table lists the ports that must be configured as F-ports (switch-to-node) and shows what each port connects to:
Configure this port to F-mode: Port connects to...
1 controller_x_1 FC-VI port 1
2 controller_x_1 HBA port 1
3 controller_x_1 HBA port 2
4 controller_x_2 FC-VI port 1
5 controller_x_2 HBA 1
6 controller_x_2 HBA 2
7 FC-to-SAS bridge

This task must be performed on each switch in the MetroCluster configuration.


  1. Issue the following command to enter configuration mode: config t
  2. Enter interface configuration mode for the port: interface port-ID
  3. Shut down the port: shutdown
  4. Set the ports to F mode by issuing the following command: switchport mode F
  5. Set the ports to fixed speed by issuing the following command: switchport speed speed
    speed is either 8000 or 16000
  6. Set the rate mode of the switch port to dedicated by issuing the following command: switchport rate-mode dedicated
  7. Restart the port: no shutdown
  8. Issue the following command to exit configuration mode: end


The following example shows the commands on the two switches:

Switch_A_1# config  t
FC_switch_A_1(config)# interface fc 1/1
FC_switch_A_1(config-if)# shutdown
FC_switch_A_1(config-if)# switchport mode F
FC_switch_A_1(config-if)# switchport speed 8000
FC_switch_A_1(config-if)# switchport rate-mode dedicated
FC_switch_A_1(config-if)# no shutdown
FC_switch_A_1(config-if)# end
FC_switch_A_1# copy running-config startup-config

FC_switch_B_1# config  t
FC_switch_B_1(config)# interface fc 1/1
FC_switch_B_1(config-if)# switchport mode F
FC_switch_B_1(config-if)# switchport speed 8000
FC_switch_B_1(config-if)# switchport rate-mode dedicated
FC_switch_B_1(config-if)# no shutdown
FC_switch_B_1(config-if)# end
FC_switch_B_1# copy running-config startup-config