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Changing the schedule for automatic RAID-level scrubs

You can change the start time and duration of the scheduled scrubs if you want your data to be scrubbed more often than the default RAID-level scrub schedule allows.

About this task

The default RAID-level scrub schedule is to start a scrub every day starting at 1:00 a.m. On Sundays, the scrub runs for twelve hours; all other days it runs for four hours.


  1. Update the RAID-level scrub schedule:storage raid-options modify -node nodename -name raid.scrub.schedule -value duration[h|m]@weekday@start_time,[duration[h|m]@weekday@start_time,...]
    • duration is specified in either hours or minutes.
    • weekday is the day of the week: mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, or sun.
    • start_time is the hour when the scrub should start, using 24-hour format.
    The current automatic RAID-level scrub schedule is replaced by the schedule you specify.
  2. Confirm your new schedule:storage raid-options show raid.scrub.schedule


The following command prevents any RAID-level scrubbing on node sys1-a from occurring on Mondays, and increases the time duration on Saturdays to eight hours:storage raid-options modify -node sys1-a -name raid.scrub.schedule -value 4h@tue@1,4h@wed@1,4h@thu@1,4h@fri@1,8h@sat@1,12h@sun@1