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How the All-Flash Optimized personality affects node behavior

When you order an All-Flash FAS platform model, it has the All-Flash Optimized personality. Having the All-Flash Optimized personality enabled for a node introduces some extra requirements for that node.

When the All-Flash Optimized personality is enabled, you cannot attach HDDs or array LUNs to the node; no drives other than SSDs are recognized as supported. This enables the node to provide performance that can be achieved only with a pure SSD solution.

Both partners in an HA pair must have the same All-Flash Optimized personality (either enabled or disabled). You cannot move an aggregate that contains HDD RAID groups to a node with the All-Flash Optimized personality. Volume move is unaffected; you can move volumes between nodes with and nodes without the All-Flash Optimized personality.

Root-data partitioning is enabled by default on any node with the All-Flash Optimized personality.

You can determine whether a node has the All-Flash Optimized personality by using the system node show command and looking for All-Flash Optimized.