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How the maintenance center helps prevent drive errors

Drives can sometimes display small problems that do not interfere with normal operation, but which could be a sign that the drive might fail sometime soon. The maintenance center provides a way to put these drives under increased scrutiny.

When a suspect drive is in the maintenance center, it is subjected to a number of tests. If the drive passes all of the tests, Data ONTAP redesignates it as a spare; if it fails any tests, Data ONTAP fails the drive.

By default, Data ONTAP puts a suspect drive into the maintenance center automatically only if there are two or more spares available for that drive. If that drive is housed in a shelf that supports automatic power-cycling, power to that drive might be turned off for a short time. If the drive returns to a ready state after the power-cycle, the maintenance center tests the drive. Otherwise, the maintenance center fails the drive immediately.

You can put a suspect drive into the maintenance center manually regardless of how many spares are available. You can also specify the number of times a drive is allowed to go to the maintenance center and whether it should go immediately or only after copying its contents to a spare drive.