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Resetting an SED to factory original settings

If you previously set the state of an SED to end-of-life by using the disk encrypt destroy command but now want to return it to service, you can reset it to its factory original settings by using the disk encrypt revert_original command provided that the disk has a PSID printed on its label.

Before you begin

You must have obtained the SED's PSID from its disk label.


  1. Access the nodeshell: system node run -node node_name
  2. Set the privilege level to advanced: priv set advanced
  3. Reset the disk to its factory configured settings: disk encrypt revert_original disk_ID PSID
    The PSID is the physical secure ID printed on the disk label that is required to perform a factory reset.
  4. Make the disk unavailable to the storage system: disk fail disk_name
  5. Make the disk available again to the storage system: disk unfail -s disk_name
  6. Verify that the operation was successful: sysconfig -r
    The disk that you reset shows up as a spare disk.
  7. Return to the admin privilege level: priv set admin
  8. Exit the nodeshell and return to the clustershell: exit