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Commands for managing disks

You use the storage disk and storage aggregate commands to manage your disks.

If you want to... Use this command...
Display a list of spare disks, including partitioned disks, by owner storage aggregate show-spare-disks
Display the disk RAID type, current usage, and RAID group by aggregate storage aggregate show-status
Display the RAID type, current usage, aggregate, and RAID group, including spares, for physical disks storage disk show -raid
Display a list of failed disks storage disk show -broken
Illuminate the LED for a particular disk or shelf storage disk set-led
Display the checksum type for a specific disk storage disk show -fields checksum-compatibility
Display the checksum type for all spare disks storage disk show -fields checksum-compatibility -container-type spare
Display disk connectivity and placement information storage disk show -fields disk,primary-port,secondary-name,secondary-port,shelf,bay
Display pre-cluster disk names for specific disks storage disk show -disk -fields diskpathnames
Display a list of disks in the maintenance center storage disk show -maintenance
Unpartition a disk system node run -node local -command disk unpartition
Zero all non-zeroed disks storage disk zerospares