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Assigning ownership of array LUNs

Array LUNs must be owned by a node before they can be added to an aggregate to be used as storage.

Before you begin

About this task

You can assign ownership of array LUNs that have the following characteristics:

Data ONTAP issues an error message if you try to assign ownership of an array LUN with back-end configuration errors that would interfere with the Data ONTAP system and the storage array operating together. You must fix such errors before you can proceed with array LUN assignment.

Data ONTAP alerts you if you try to assign an array LUN with a redundancy error: for example, all paths to this array LUN are connected to the same controller or only one path to the array LUN. You can fix a redundancy error before or after assigning ownership of the LUN.


  1. Enter the following command to see the array LUNs that have not yet been assigned to a node:storage disk show -container-type unassigned
  2. Enter the following command to assign an array LUN to this node:storage disk assign -disk arrayLUNname -owner nodename
    If you want to fix a redundancy error after disk assignment instead of before, you must use the -force parameter with the storage disk assign command.