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Creating an SSD storage pool

You create SSD storage pools to provide SSD cache for two to four Flash Pool aggregates.

About this task

Storage pools do not support a diskcount parameter; you must supply a disk list when creating or adding disks to a storage pool.


  1. Determine the names of the spare SSDs available to you: storage aggregate show-spare-disks -disk-type SSD
    The SSDs used in a storage pool can be owned by either node of an HA pair.
  2. Create the storage pool: storage pool create -storage-pool sp_name -disk-list disk1,disk2,...
  3. Optional: Show the newly created storage pool: storage pool show -storage-pool sp_name


After the SSDs are placed into the storage pool, they no longer appear as spares on the cluster, even though the storage provided by the storage pool has not yet been allocated to any Flash Pool caches. The SSDs can no longer be added to a RAID group as a discrete drive; their storage can be provisioned only by using the allocation units of the storage pool to which they belong.