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Selective LUN Map

Selective LUN Map (SLM) reduces the number of paths from the host to the LUN. With SLM, when a new LUN map is created, the LUN is accessible only through paths on the node owning the LUN and its HA partner.

SLM enables management of a single igroup per host and also supports nondisruptive LUN move operations that do not require portset manipulation or LUN remapping.

Portsets can be used with SLM just as in previous versions of Data ONTAP to further restrict access of certain targets to certain initiators . When using SLM with portsets, LUNs will be accessible on the set of LIFs in the portset on the node that owns the LUN and on that node's HA partner.

Beginning with Data ONTAP 8.3 SLM is enabled by default on all new LUN maps. For LUNs created prior to Data ONTAP 8.3, you can manually apply SLM by using the lun mapping remove-reporting-nodes command to remove the LUN reporting nodes and restrict LUN access to the LUN owning node and its HA partner.


An SVM has 4 nodes and 16 LIFs per node. The storage administrator creates a portset with 2 LIFs from each node, binds the portset to an igroup, and maps a LUN to the igroup. The LUN is only accessible on the node that owns the LUN and that node's HA partner through the 4 LIFS specified in the portset.