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Creating FlexClone LUNs from a Snapshot copy in a volume

You can use a Snapshot copy in your volume to create FlexClone copies of your LUNs. FlexClone copies of LUNs are both readable and writeable.

Before you begin

A FlexClone license must be installed.

About this task

The FlexClone LUN inherits the space reservations attribute of the parent LUN. A space-reserved FlexClone LUN requires as much space as the space-reserved parent LUN. If the FlexClone LUN is not space-reserved, the volume must have enough space to accommodate changes to the clone.


  1. Create a Snapshot copy of the volume that contains the LUNs: volume snapshot create -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name -snapshot snapshot_name
    You must create a Snapshot copy (the backing Snapshot copy) of the LUN you want to clone.
  2. Create the FlexClone LUN from the Snapshot copy: file clone create -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name -source-path source_path -snapshot-name snapshot_name -destination-path destination_path
    If you need the FlexClone LUN to be available for automatic deletion, you include -autodelete true. If you are creating this FlexClone LUN in a volume using semi-thick provisioning, you must enable automatic deletion for all FlexClone LUNs.
  3. Verify that the FlexClone LUN is correct: lun show -vserver vserver_name
    Vserver Path                      State    Mapped    Type     Size
    ------- ----------------------    -------- --------- -------- ------- 
    vs1     /vol/vol1/lun1_clone      online   unmapped windows   47.07MB
    vs1     /vol/vol1/lun1_snap_clone online   unmapped windows   47.07MB