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Function of the X1143A-R6 adapter

The X1143A-R6 network adapter is a new generation adapter with ports that can be configured as either 10 Gb Ethernet and FCoE ports or as 16Gb FC initiator or target ports.

Data ONTAP has supported FC and converged network adapter (CNA) modes in previous releases, but used different add-on host bus adapters (HBAs) and onboard devices for each mode. The X1143A-R6 adapter supports both FC and CNA modes on the same device using dual 16-Gb FC and 10-GbE/FCoE ports. The X1143A-R6 is the first device that can be configured into either one of the personality modes within the same hardware.

In FC mode, the X1143A-R6 device behaves just like any existing FC device with speeds up to 16Gbps. In CNA mode, you can use the X1143A-R6 device for concurrent NIC and FCoE traffic sharing the same 10 GbE port.

Data ONTAP discovers different number of PCI functions per chip depending on its mode. Each PCI function is an independent PCI device with its own PCI configuration space. For example, under FC mode, only one PCI function of FC will be available for each port, and the physical port allows the use of either 16G FC SFP+, 8G FC SFP+, or 4G FC SFP+. While under CNA mode, two PCI functions will be available for each port. One is the NIC function while the other is the FCoE function and the physical port only allows the use of 10G FC SFP+. Data ONTAP drivers identify and bind to PCI functions based on PCI Vendor_ID and PCI Device_ID combinations from their PCI configuration space. The X1143A-R6 device will assign unique but different PCI Device_IDs for different types of PCI functions, such as FC, NIC and FCoE.

In addition, from a Data ONTAP device driver perspective, once a PCI function is discovered, a device driver will be attached to use the X1143A-R6. For the NIC function, the NIC driver will be attached. In the case of the FC or FCoE function, a different driver will be used depending on its type. The X1143A-R6 supports the following types in Data ONTAP:
Note: CNA mode only supports FCP target for the FCoE function.

Data ONTAP can attach the proper driver to the X1143A-R6 device during boot-up and initialize the device for FCP target. The Unified Connect Management (UCM) framework provides the infrastructure to manage these personality modes and FC-4 types, enabling you to change configurations. However UCM itself does not require any one particular configuration default for personality mode and/or FC-4 type. Instead it is capable of working with any default value that is set.