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Verifying the monitoring of cluster and management network switches

The cluster switch health monitor automatically attempts to monitor the switches that it discovers; however, monitoring might not happen automatically if the switches are not configured correctly. You should verify that the health monitor is properly configured to monitor your switches.


  1. Use the system health cluster-switch show command to identify the switches that the cluster switch health monitor discovered.
    If the Model column displays the value OTHER, then Data ONTAP cannot monitor the switch. Data ONTAP sets the value to OTHER if a switch that it automatically discovers is not supported for health monitoring.
    Note: If a switch does not display in the command output, then you must configure discovery of the switch.
  2. Upgrade to the latest supported switch software and reference the configuration file (RCF) from the Cisco Ethernet Switch page.
    The community string in the switch's RCF must match the community string that the health monitor is configured to use. By default, the health monitor uses the community string cshm1!.

    If you need to change information about a switch that the cluster monitors, you can modify the community string that the health monitor uses by using the system health cluster-switch modify command.

  3. Verify that the switch's management port is connected to the management network.
    This connection is required to perform SNMP queries.