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Providing access to NIS or LDAP user accounts

You can provide access to NIS or LDAP user accounts for SVM administrators to access the SVMs with the LDAP or NIS authentication method.

Before you begin

About this task

You can select the application and role for the SVM user account.

You can create the SVM user account in LDAP or NIS directory, or as a local user in the local administrative repository of the SVM. Depending on where you create the SVM user account, you must include the relevant name service source when you configure the name service switch (ns-switch).


  1. Use the security login create command to create the SVM user account for any SVM role.
    The following command creates the SVM role with the nsswitch authentication method:
    cluster1::>security login create -user-or-group-name user1 -application ssh  -authmethod nsswitch -role vsadmin-backup -vserver
  2. Use the vserver services name-service command to add ldap,nis,files as a name service source for the SVM authentication.
    Including files as a name service enables SVM user account authentication through the SVM local administrative repository if the user in not found in the LDAP or NIS servers.
    The following command adds the name service source for the SVM:
    cluster1::> vserver services name-service ns-switch create -vserver -sources ldap,nis,files -database password -enabled true