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Creating an intercluster SVM peer relationship

You can create intercluster SVM peer relationships between two clusters to provide the infrastructure for use cases such as intercluster volume SnapMirror configurations.

Before you begin

The two clusters must already be peered.


  1. Use the vserver peer create command to create an SVM peer relationship.

    The following command creates an intercluster SVM peer relationship between (on cluster1) and (on cluster2):

    cluster1::> vserver peer create -vserver -peer-vserver -applications snapmirror -peer-cluster cluster2
     Info: [Job 43] 'vserver peer create' job queued
    The intercluster SVM peer relationship is in initiated state.
  2. Use the vserver peer show-all command to view the status and other details of the SVM peer relationship.
    cluster1::> vserver peer show-all
                       Peer              Peer                        Peering
    Vserver            Vserver           State       Peer Cluster    Applications
    -----------        -----------       ---------- -------------- ---------------  initiated   Cluster2         snapmirror
    For more information about this command, see the man pages.

After you finish

You must inform the cluster administrator of the peered cluster about the SVM peer request for the authentication to be completed.

The SVM peer relationship is not established until the cluster administrator of the peered cluster accepts the SVM peer request.