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List of language options

When you create Storage Virtual Machine (SVM), the language is set for the SVM. The language of the SVM determines the default language setting for volumes in that SVM. You can modify the language of an SVM.

You can specify the language for a volume when creating a volume and it can be different from the language of an SVM. If you do not specify the language for a volume then it inherits the language setting of its SVM. After the volume is created, you cannot modify the language of a volume. Therefore, you must be aware of the available language options.

The following table lists the various available language options that helps you choose and enter the correct value when creating an SVM or volume:
Language values Languages
C.UTF-8 POSIX with UTF-8
ar Arabic
ar.UTF-8 Arabic with UTF-8
cs Czech
cs.UTF-8 Czech with UTF-8
da Danish
da.UTF-8 Danish with UTF-8
de German
de.UTF-8 German with UTF-8
en English
en.UTF-8 English with UTF-8
en_us English (US)
en_US.UTF-8 US English with UTF-8
es Spanish
es.UTF-8 Spanish with UTF-8
fi Finnish
fi.UTF-8 Finnish with UTF-8
fr French
fr.UTF-8 French with UTF-8
he Hebrew
he.UTF-8 Hebrew with UTF-8
hr Croatian
hr.UTF-8 Croatian with UTF-8
hu Hungarian
hu.UTF-8 Hungarian with UTF-8
it Italian
it.UTF-8 Italian with UTF-8
ja_v1 Japanese euc-j
ja_v1.UTF-8 Japanese euc-j with UTF-8
ja_jp.pck_v2 Japanese PCK (sjis)
ja_JP.PCK_v2.UTF-8 Japanese PCK sjis with UTF-8
ko Korean
ko.UTF-8 Korean with UTF-8
no Norwegian
no.UTF-8 Norwegian with UTF-8
nl Dutch
nl.UTF-8 Dutch with UTF-8
pl Polish
pl.UTF-8 Polish with UTF-8
pt Portuguese
pt.UTF-8 Portuguese with UTF-8
ro Romanian
ro.UTF-8 Romanian with UTF-8
ru Russian
ru.UTF-8 Russian with UTF-8
sk Slovak
sk.UTF-8 Slovak with UTF-8
sl Slovenian
sl.UTF-8 Slovenian with UTF-8
sv Swedish
sv.UTF-8 Swedish with UTF-8
tr Turkish
tr.UTF-8 Turkish with UTF-8
zh Simplified Chinese
zh.UTF-8 Simplified Chinese with UTF-8
zh.GBK Simplified Chinese (GBK)
zh.GBK.UTF-8 Simplified GBK Chinese with UTF-8
zh_TW Traditional Chinese euc-tw
zh_TW.UTF-8 Traditional Chinese euc-tw with UTF-8
zh_TW.BIG5 Traditional Chinese Big 5
zh_TW.BIG5.UTF-8 Traditional Chinese Big 5 with UTF-8