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Receiving system health alerts automatically

You can manually view system health alerts by using the system health alert show command. However, you should subscribe to specific Event Management System (EMS) messages to automatically receive notifications when a health monitor generates an alert.

About this task

The following procedure shows you how to set up notifications for all hm.alert.raised messages and all hm.alert.cleared messages.

All hm.alert.raised messages and all hm.alert.cleared messages include an SNMP trap. The names of the SNMP traps are HealthMonitorAlertRaised and HealthMonitorAlertCleared. For information about SNMP traps, see the Clustered Data ONTAP Network Management Guide.


  1. Use the event destination create command to define the destination to which you want to send the EMS messages.
    cluster1::> event destination create -name health_alerts -mail
  2. Use the event route add-destinations command to route the hm.alert.raised message and the hm.alert.cleared message to a destination.
    cluster1::> event route add-destinations -messagename hm.alert* -destinations health_alerts