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Enabling and disabling cache rewarming

Cache "rewarming" is enabled by default if a Flash Cache or Flash Cache 2 module is installed. You can disable and then re-enable cache rewarming, if necessary. You should do this only under the guidance of technical support.

Before you begin

You can enable cache rewarming if the following is true:
  • A Flash Cache or Flash Cache 2 module is installed.
  • The WAFL external cache functionality is enabled.

About this task

Cache rewarming works at the node level. To ensure that cache rewarming works during a takeover and giveback, enable it on all nodes.

These commands are available through the nodeshell. You access the nodeshell by using the system node run command. For more information, see the man page.


  1. Enter one of the following commands:
    If you want to... Use this command:
    Disable cache rewarming options flexscale.rewarm off
    Enable cache rewarming options flexscale.rewarm on