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What an SVM peer relationship is

An SVM peer relationship is an authorization infrastructure that enables a cluster administrator to set up peering applications such as SnapMirror relationships between SVMs either existing within a cluster (intracluster) or in the peered clusters (intercluster). Only a cluster administrator can set up SVM peer relationships.

The following illustration shows the intercluster and intracluster SVM peer relationships:

The SVM peer infrastructure enables you to set up a backup and recovery mechanism between SVMs. You can set up a mirroring relationship at the volume level between peered SVMs. If a volume in the SVM becomes unavailable, the cluster administrator or SVM administrator can configure the respective mirrored volume of the peered SVM to serve data.

One SVM can be peered with multiple SVMs within a cluster or across clusters.

You can set up only SnapMirror data protection (DP) and SnapVault (XDP) relationships by using the SVM peer infrastructure.