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Configuring SVMs

After you create SVMs, you must provision storage, configure the network, services, and protocols to facilitate data access to the clients.

About this task

This procedure provides only high-level information about the configuration tasks that you have to perform after creating the SVM. Detailed information about the configuration tasks is available in other clustered Data ONTAP documentation.

NetApp Documentation: Data ONTAP 8 (current releases)


  1. Specify the aggregates for the SVM for all the volume-related operations that require an aggregate name.
  2. Set up a password and unlock the vsadmin user account for delegating the SVM administration.
  3. Provide data access to the SVM by performing the following steps:
    1. Set up the network interface, such as creating LIFs and routes.
    2. Provision storage by creating volumes.
    3. Configure the services, such as LDAP, NIS, and DNS.
    4. Configure the protocols, such as NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, and FC.
  4. Create a load-sharing mirror copy for the root volume on each node of the cluster so that the namespace directory information remains available in the event of a node outage or failover.