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Commands for managing licenses

You use the system license commands to manage feature licenses for the cluster. You use the system feature-usage commands to monitor feature usage.

If you want to... Use this command...
Add one or more licenses system license add
Display information about installed licenses, for example:
  • License package name and description
  • License type (site, license, or demo)
  • Expiration date, if applicable
  • The cluster or nodes that a package is licensed for
  • Whether the license was installed prior to Data ONTAP 8.2 (legacy)
  • Customer ID
system license show
Note: Some information is displayed only when you use the –instance parameter.
Display all packages that require licenses and their current license status, including the following:
  • The package name
  • The licensed method
  • The expiration date, if applicable
system license status show
Delete the license of a package from the cluster or a node whose serial number you specify system license delete
Display or remove expired or unused licenses system license clean-up
Display summary of feature usage in the cluster on a per-node basis system feature-usage show-summary
Display feature usage status in the cluster on a per-node and per-week basis system feature-usage show-history