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Importing a performance preset configuration (cluster administrators only)

You can create a custom performance preset or modify a writable performance preset by importing a performance preset configuration in XML file format. You can also use this method to modify what data is collected and stored in performance archives.

Before you begin

About this task

Data ONTAP includes a performance archive that automatically collects and stores performance statistics at predefined times. With the help of technical support, you can modify what data is collected for the performance archive by importing a performance preset.

You cannot modify read-only performance presets. You can only modify performance presets that have the read-only parameter set to false.


  1. Switch to the advanced privilege level by using the set -privilege advanced command.
  2. Import the performance preset configuration by using the statistics preset import command.
    In the following example, a performance preset configuration is imported from the NetApp support site:
    cluster1::*> statistics preset import -source-uri
    nfs_monitor.xml -comment "New NFS Monitor preset."